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Robot is required to trace the tracked line from the starting point, knock down a bottle, secure and bring along a bottle to the finish line.

  1. Court:
A surprise rule will be announced on the competition day.

< the error tolerance of court: ± 50mm>

1. The court is made of several materials such as wood, plastic, etc and may be color-painted
According to each competition’s specific needs.
2. The court is 2370mm long, 1150mm wide.

  1. Rules:
  • 1 The track dimension is 1150mm x 2370mm.  The tracked line width is 20 mm ± 2 mm.
  • 2. The robot should trigger the switch to open the door (flags). The trigger sequence should be done for 15 seconds for the door to open. The sequence of the switches will be announced during the competition. The tracks are there as guide to the robot.
  • The robot will pass through the door without touching the flags and go straight to the next sector
  • The robot must knock down the bottle on the next sector, the position of the bottle will be announced during the competition.
  • After knocking the bottle, the robot will move on the next sector and secure another bottle. The position of the bottle will be announced during the competition.
  • The robot must carry and bring home the bottle to the finish line.
  • The time for robot's mission performance is 2 minutes. Time is measured at the point that robot starts and judge blows a whistle for signal of starting.
  1. Scoring:
1) Mission Points
  • Passing through sector A   = 10 points
  • Non-touching of the flags = 30 points
  • Knocking of the bottle = 10 points
  • Passing through sector B = 10 points
  • Robot touches the finish area = 20 points
  • Bottle leaves sector B = 10 points
  • The bottle reaches the green zone = 10 points

2) Total score

    • 10 points (Passing Sector A) + 30 points (Non-Touching the Flags) + 10 points (Knocking the Bottle) + 10 points (Passing Sector B) + 20 points (Robot Touches the Finish Area) + 10 points (Bottle Leaves sector B) + 10 points (Reaches the Green Zone)  = 100 points
    • If the competing teams acquire the same points, the ranking is decided by the record of time.



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