The first e-SPORTS platform for Virtual Education Robots, where schools can organize all year around virtual robotics tournaments, and students can participate in hundreds of competitions with the most amazing mats and technical worlds . With over 40 countries and 5,000 participants since 2020.The Philippines through FELTA Multi-Media Inc. as National Organizer is one of the pioneers and consultant organizer for Robot Virtual Games.
Today we reach another milestone at Robot Virtual Games. Since August 1st, 2020 when we launched our eSPORT Robotics Platform, we have now registered over 5,000 users. We want to thank all the children around the world, who are learning to code while playing the tournaments of RVG, but also, we want to thank our fellow Organizers that to date, have organized over 100 competitions, including the first-ever WRO Robot Virtual Games 2020. With a lot of fun and challenging competitions, we are providing virtual robotics education for so many children around the world. So thank you all, and keep playing, learning, and enjoying all you can, because the fun of today, will be the learning experience of tomorrow.
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Robot Virtual Games 2020 WRO Ambassador Message Mylene Abiva

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