FELTA TECHVOC ACADEMY SY 2018-2019 Graduation

The pioneer batch for Robotics Technology II TESDA Certificate Program graduated last April 12, 2019. As there is a need for the Philippines to establish a basic foundation for sustained learning and technology for Industrial Revolution 4.0 , FELTA TECHVOC Academy Inc. has produced graduates to serve the Robotics and Process Automation industry.
FELTA TECHVOC ACADEMY will conduct Summer Classes and are accepting enrollment for SY  2019 -2020. Robotics Technology II is the first and only Robotics Certificate course in the Philippines . Exclusively offered by FELTA Techvoc Academy Inc.  Almost 4  years of preparation, application, inspection and final documentation to achieve success and produce the pioneer Robotics Technology II Graduates.  Ms. Catherine Horaguchi, TESDA , Quezon City gave the Keynote Address. FELTA Techvoc Academy President/ CEO gave  the Inspirational Message. She said “You are the brave souls who have pioneered Robotics Technology II in the Philippines” .Congratulations!
For more information, please contact FELTA TECHVOC Academy (tel) 632 912 1397 or email: feltamultimediainc@gmail.com
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