Philippine Robotics Academy E-books with Virtual Robotics Toolkit Launch

FELTA Multi-Media Inc. has established the Philippine Robotics Academy since 2014. A Robotics Program for private schools for integration of Robotics Technology in their curriculum  for subjects such as:  Computer Science, TLE, General Science or  Robotics as a stand alone subject. Each Philippine Robotics Academy has a dedicated Robotics Laboratory designed by FELTA  with free inclusions for a successful Robotics program. FELTA introduced PRA as a  Subscription program wherein an annual license fee per student is included in the school enrollment.  Virtual Robot  building guides are included in the E-books. Students then import their Robot to the Virtual Robotics Toolkit for simulation. Assessment and Teacher Training included.  The Robotics E-books are not available for retail sale and can only be acquired through respective schools in the Philippine Robotics Academy Program. The PRA E-books are protected by the  Copyright law.The Philippine Robotics Authors: Roxan Cosico, Gilbert Zamora, Edwin Engana and Norman Talavera launched the PRA E-Books through a free Live Webinar on the Teaching Tools Series: Embracing STEM Education in the Academe. Philippine Robotics Academy provides engaging and output oriented learning for STEM Education in the “New Normal” Technology delivery.

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