Philippine Robotics National Team won 1st Place Breakthrough Award in FLL European MOROCCO Open

A major victory, 1st place Breakthrough Award for the Philippine Robotics National Team represented by Grace Christian College during the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science & Technology) LEGO League European MOROCCO Open Invitational 2023 . Over 48 countries participated in the international robotics event last May 18-22, 2023 held in Marrakesh , Morocco. Mexico won 2nd place Breakthrough Award category. The theme is “Super Powered”.

FIRST LEGO League, a science, technology and educational event which aim to offer our country’s promising elementary and secondary students and opportunity to expand their horizons through the exploration of robots and robotic systems in schools. Moreover, it aims to provide a host of opportunity to stimulate early design, engineering and computing skills highly relevant towards progressive education.

The Adaptive Regulated Innovative Solar Energy or ARISE has the following features : 1)Tilting Mechanism that can tilt to where there is most sunlight, 2) Batteries for storage of harnessed sunlight 3) Converter , to convert the energy into electricity , 4) Machine Learning , to determine time of day, location where sunlight is most abundant and weather forecast 5) Portability , solar panels can be folded and portable.

“The project ARISE invented by the Philippine Robotics National Team presents a viable solution in providing electricity , and even prevent Greenhouse gases which can harm humans specially as the world recovers from the Covid pandemic ”, according to Mylene Abiva , President / CEO FELTA Multi-Media Inc., National organizer, FLL Philippines since 2011.

The Champion’s Award (overall excellence in Robot Game, Innovation and Core Values) went to Brazil, 1st Runner up Germany and 2nd Runner Up Japan.

As a side trip and an cultural educational tour, the team went to Agafay Desert to experience desert life and rode a camel around the desert wearing traditional Moroccan costume and were served mint tea.

The Philippine Robotics National Team has shown STEM brilliance and bested teams from all over the world!

For more information , please contact Donna Ermitanio email


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